Elvis Loved It

I learned a bit of food trivia yesterday about Elvis Presley.

While in Denver in 1976, the King was escorted to a late night sandwich shop, the now-closed Colorado Mine Company. A teenage cook served him Fool’s Gold – a fat sandwich  of peanut butter, blueberry preserves and bacon on warm sourdough bread. This was no ordinary sandwich (did they really use a full container of peanut butter and a pound of bacon?) but Elvis was no ordinary man, even if he did say, “I’d just like to be treated like a regular customer.”

The King was smitten. So enamored in fact that at a later point he flew his private jet from Graceland to Denver to pick up sandwiches for his daughter Lisa Marie’s birthday.

Nick Andurlakis was the teenage cook who made the famous PBJ&B for Elvis. All these years later, he’s still serving the Fool’s Gold sandwich at his restaurant, Nick’s Cafe, in Lakewood, CO.

Step back in time and head to Nick’s Cafe for a sandwich made by the man who first served “Fool’s Gold” to Elvis. Or create your own Fool’s Gold tribute sandwich using bread, peanut butter, any kind of jam or preserves you like, and of course BACON. You can find an actual recipe here at Yummly, but really, no exact measurements needed, just make it to taste.

“Fool’s Gold” will even make a star turn in the new movie “What If” featuring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan.








“I’m in love, I’m all shook up, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

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